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The Carnival Of Twenty Something Finances – MLB Playoffs Edition

Welcome to the Carnival of Twenty Something Finances – MLB Playoffs Edition. This is my first time hosting a carnival and I’ve decided to throw some of my own personal flair into it by using the MLB Playoffs as my theme. Even though my favorite team (Braves) didn’t make the playoffs, I can still root for my second favorite team (whoever is playing the Yankees).


To parallel the MLB Playoffs I’ll pick 8 articles for the division series, 4 articles for the championship series, 2 articles for the World Series and 1 article for the champion. Enjoy.

NLDS Division Series ALDS

Silicon Valley Blogger presents myFICO Promotional Code and Review. There is nothing more important to a strong personal finance foundation than a good credit score. Silicon Valley Blogger provides you with a number of ways to monitor your FICO score.

The Smarter Wallet presents an Online Business Guide. For any of you young entrepreneurs, this online business guide provides the structure to start you own online business.

OneMint presents Retirement Planning Calculator: Some More Thoughts. It is never too early to begin planning for your retirement. In fact, retirement planning works best the earlier you start.

Get Rich Slowly presents Money is More About Mind Than it is About Math. J.D. discusses the psychology of money, which is super important to understand before you can quit compulsive spending.

Debt Kid presents How to Make Your Hobby Work For You. Do you have any hobbies that can earn some extra money on the side? It’s a great way to start building up that retirement fund at a young age.

Accredited Online Degrees presents Top 20 Personal Expenses You Can Cut This Year To Save $1,000. There are two ways to free up money for retirement saving, making more money or cutting back on expenses. Cutting back expenses is usually the easiest way.

Darwin’s Finance presents Verizon FIOS is Way More Expensive Than You Think. When comparing services always match them up so the quality is equivalent. Compare apples to apples.

Bill Eater presents How to Determine the Best Debt Elimination Strategy. Unfortunately, many young adults find themselves in debt. A good debt elimination strategy is a must.

NLCS Championship Series ALCS

Money Ning presents Lifestyle Inflation Is About More Than You. Lifestyle inflation is something that every young adult should be aware of. Preventing lifestyle inflation is a great way to make your money go further.

My Wealth Builder presents Why Stocks Still Make Sense To Me. Historically stocks have always been the best long term investment. Learn from this recession and remember that the market will always bounce back.

The Dough Roller presents a List of No Penalty CD Rates. If you’re a young investor it would be a wise decision to familiarize yourself with CDs. I used a CD to invest my down payment money to safely earn a guaranteed rate.

Gather Little By Little presents Do You Ever Fast? Fasting is usually tied to religion, but Gather Little By Little recommends you start thinking about a few personal finance fasts.


Christian Personal Finance presents the Basics of Stock Market Investing: 3 Traps to Avoid. It would be wonderful if we knew when the stock market had hit a peak or a valley. Since we can’t do that pay close attention to Christian Personal Finance’s 3 traps to avoid.

TipGuy presents Long Term Investing – Don’t Create Your Missed Opportunity. The earlier you start long term investing the larger your retirement fund will grow. TipGuy lets you know exactly what Long Term Investing is, Buffet Style.


PT Money presents Is Your Emergency Fund Big Enough? Emergency funds should be one of the first things you think about when getting started in personal finances. PT Money has everything you need to know about emergency funds.

Other Good Articles For Twenty Somethings

How I Save Money presents How Much Do You Make? It’s always a good motivator to learn how much other people make at a certain age.

Bargaineering presents What Constitutes Debt Validation? Understanding debt validation is another topic that might be useful for the twenty somethings in debt.

Thanks to everyone who submitted an article.Submit your blog article to the next edition of twenty something finances using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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7 Responses

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  1. PT says

    Break out the champagne! I’m the champ. Thanks a lot. I’m glad to just be included. Like you my team, rangers, didn’t quite make the cut. So I’m pulling for anyone against the Yanks.

  2. Corporate Barbarian says

    Whoever plays the Yankees? OH! OH! No love for the Evil Empire. We took care of the Twins, and the Angels are next. Maybe a Yankees-Dodgers World Series? I love to see Joe Torre managing in the Bronx again, even for the opposition.

  3. Steve says

    @PT, I was a big fan of the Rangers this year. I also don’t like the Red Sox so I was rooting for a Rangers Wild Card Berth. Oh and you’re welcome for elvis andrus and neftali feliz.

    @Corporate Barbarian, when you’re payroll is enough to buy a small country you open yourself up to everybody hating you. Oh and employing Arod is another offense.

  4. alan says

    the carnival of personal finance is very helpful and great in our financial problem

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