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I’ve decided to do a monthly update of my self employed income projects. The monthly goals update keeps me focused on accomplishing my goals. I’m hoping that by updating my self employed projects once a month it will force me to think critically about what I have accomplished, what I want to accomplish and define task lists to follow for the upcoming month. Hopefully these posts will keep me accountable and on task, as well as be informative and motivational for my readers.

I’ve decided to add my income to this monthly update. I find it more intriguing and will help me reach milestones quicker. My initial stab at a monthly milestone ladder is as follows:

  • $100 (Accomplished August 2009)
  • $500
  • $1000
  • $2000
  • $5000
  • $10000

My goal is to climb the ladder while achieving consistency with my income. Ultimately, I would like to quit my job and work from home by earning my income online (and maybe from tutoring as well).

Marketing a new sports drink online

During October I accomplished nothing on this project. I originally wanted to write 10 ezine articles for article marketing, but I don’t want to do this until I know the email address to send orders to. I would find it highly embarrassing to have orders and not be able to fulfill them.

I will put this project on hold until we acquire that email address. Once the email address is acquired I will begin my article marketing campaign. Additionally, I discovered a wordpress plugin that makes it easy to set up an internet store. I want to learn more about this free plugin and implement it if it will make managing my store easier. Here are my goals for this project for November:

  • Complete 10 keyword rich ezine articles pointing to the site (as soon as we get the email address)
  • Research the wordpress plugin and implement it if beneficial

Writing ebooks for academic subject tests

Most of my progress in September was done while I was at work, and this month left no time to do anything at work besides work. Unfortunately I have accomplished nothing on this project. It is not the highest priority, but I expect to make a little progress on this project each month. I will do better next month. My current action plan:

  1. Finish setting up website
  2. Develop outlines for ebooks
  3. Begin creating content as blog posts
  4. Develop tutoring credentials page
  5. Develop contact page

Affiliate marketing campaigns

The lack of progress on this project is what bothers me the most. I’ve made the most money in 2009 with affiliate marketing, which is why I should be putting the most time into this project. I did not spend any time on this project in October. On a positive note, I did make another sale from a One Week Marketing campaign I set up previously. This passive income is the exact reason why I have to put more time into this project. My November goal (and I will accomplish it this time):

  • Complete a One Week Marketing campaign for 10 different products

Ebook about taking ideas to products

My Dad expressed some interest in starting up this project again. As far as I’m concerned I can’t do any further work until my Dad completes the outline. I will try to push him to accomplish that soon. So far I have already done some keyword research and decided on a website name for the sales page. I also developed an outline based on some minimal research, as well as a slogan for the product.

Monetize Personal Finance Start-Up Blog

So far my current monetization efforts come from content ads from Microsoft, affiliate marketing (Lending Club, TradeKing, etc.) and text ads. For November I want to do some research and develop a plan to drive traffic to my site. I want to identify five keywords that I want to rank highly for. Ideally these keywords will have little competition and a high search volume, as well as have products that I can promote for profit.

Create a fantasy sports membership site

No Updates

I have yet to do anymore on this site. I have a domain name reserved. I don’t know if I will be able to pursue this project much further until I have time to consistently blog about baseball and football. If I’m not consistently blogging with this site I will not be successful. I am targeting the beginning of fantasy baseball 2010 as my starting point. Until then I will be trying to develop the website so that all I have to do when 2010 baseball rolls around is write articles.

Income for October

  • Personal Finance Start-Up blog
    • August – $104.85
    • September – $10.93
    • October – $12.98
  • Affiliate Marketing Campaigns
    • August – $21.57
    • September – $0
    • October – $29.41
  • Total
    • August – $126.42
    • September – $10.93
    • October – $42.39
    • 2009 – $179.74

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Self-Employed Income Update for August 2009

Self-Employed Income Update for July 2009

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