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Update On My Self Employed Income Projects

A few posts back I described the various projects for self employed income. My pursuit of these projects has limited my activity on this blog,  but in the end I believe it will be beneficial for the growth of this blog. I’m hoping to make a significant enough amount of money from these projects that I can quit my day job. This will free up more time for blogging. I’d like to provide a quick update for how my projects are progressing.

  • Marketing a new sports drink online – I met with my Dad about the sports drink and putting up a website/sales page online. The website is live. There is still a good amount of work to be done, but I am very happy with the progress of this project. The following is my action plan:
      1. Sign up for a PayPal merchant account
      2. Complete the sales page using the PayPal account
      3. Write articles about the benefits of the sports drink
      4. Increase my page rank in search engines for targeted long tail keywords
  • Writing ebooks for academic subject tests – I’ve developed my scope for this project, which is actually a pretty significant development. I am planning on creating a webpage that will fulfill multiple objectives. I want it to serve as my online presence for future tutoring pursuits. I will have a page that details my qualifications as a tutor. My tutoring ads will point towards this page that will have a contact form to set up appointments. Also, I want to have a blog on the website where I will post all of the subject information. I will convert this info into ebooks and also use it as a reference while I tutor. This way I don’t have to lug text books around to remember equations and hard to remember concepts. The following is my action plan:
      1. Keyword research to develop website name
      2. Set up website to be fully functional
      3. Develop outlines for ebooks
      4. Begin creating content in individual blog posts
      5. Develop tutoring credentials page
  • Affiliate Marketing Campaigns – I created my first affiliate marketing campaign according to the One Week Marketing plan. I’ve only made one sale, but not because the OWM plan doesn’t work. I’ve sent numerous people to the affiliate product’s sales page, but only one has converted. This means the sales page is most likely not all that good. I will have to select an affiliate product with a better sales page for my next campaign. I’m hoping to continue working on these in between my other projects. I highly recommend One Week Marketing if you are interested in creating affiliate marketing campaigns.
  • Ebook about taking ideas to products – I discussed this project with my Dad. Our current action plan is as follows. My Dad will create an outline as to what he thinks should be in the ebook. I will create an outline based on what I think should be included. We will compare outlines and discuss what is necessary and merge our two outlines. I will also do some keyword research to determine the name of the ebook and the website for the sales page.
  • Create a fantasy sports membership site – I have yet to do anymore on this site. I have a domain name reserved. I don’t know if I will be able to pursue this project much further until I have time to consistently blog about baseball and football. If I’m not consistently blogging with this site I will not be successful. I can work on the theme and design of the website.

I am making progress on my projects and I’m still very excited and enthusiastic to work on these projects. For now it is still just a pipe dream that I will be able to quit my job and support myself through online income. What good are dreams if you don’t pursue them? I will be keeping you all abreast of my advancements as I make progress.

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