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End of June 2009 Financial Status

No major purchases were made in June, although I decided to condense the categories. I grouped all of my investment assets into retirement and non-retirement categories. Below I will explain what is included in each category. I still haven’t completed the mortgage refinance process because Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are discriminating against condo owners. I was again able to increase my cash standing, finally reaching the $10,000 plateau, however, the stock market declined ever so slightly. The influx of cash was able to overcome the slight drop in the stock market to push my net worth higher once again.



I finally reached the $10,000 plateau and will begin shifting funds into retirement accounts to meet my 2009 financial goals. From now on I will be skimming any available cash above $10,000 into my solo 401k and Roth IRA, starting with the solo 401k. I suppose I will consider this $10,000 as my emergency fund, but if need be I will go below the mark to achieve my goals by the end of 2009. In the near future, I hope to put my cash into a high interest checking account.


My retirement accounts took a slight hit as the market went down a little in June and I made no new investments. In the upcoming months I will be funding my retirement accounts for 2009. The retirement category consists of my solo 401k and Roth IRA, which are both held at Vanguard.


My non-retirement accounts took a slight hit as well due to the market drop. My non-retirement category consists of my Target stock through Schwab, US Growth mutual fund through Vanguard, Sharebuilder account and Lending Club account. I don’t foresee any contributions to my non-retirement accounts, at least not until my retirement accounts are funded. Until then I will be relying on the stock market to carry this category.


Once again my liabilities only decreased by the standard car and mortgage payment amounts. As I’ve already mentioned, I found a new lender to refinance my mortgage and hopefully will be lowering my payment by $200 a month, which would be awesome. Hopefully this happens soon.

Net Worth

My net worth increased by 2.0%. The increase in my net worth was driven by cash and the standard payments toward my liabilities. Hopefully in the near future, I will be relying once again on the stock market to drive my net worth. It feels good to be able to offset the stock market losses with influxes of cash, but at the same time it means I don’t have enough in the stock market. Next month is the last time I will have a tutoring check. I am done tutoring for a company and will begin tutoring on my own when the school year starts up. Until then I will have to start making more money through my other self-employed projects.

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