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My List of Projects for Self Employed Income

I keep coming up with ideas for earning self employed income, but I have failed to take any action on them. I recently read a post by Pat, Smart Passive Income, where he recommends making a list of projects and then prioritizing them. I’m hoping this strategy helps me get started on some of these projects. Getting started is half the battle. Here’s my list, in no particular order:

  • Marketing a new sports drink online – My Dad has a contact who makes a new sports drink that has no calories. The concept is a mix of Vitamin Water with Gatorade. So far the people who make this product have done very little marketing. I’ve had discussions with my Dad about putting a website together to market the product. I would get a percent of the profits and it’s all drop shipped.
  • Writing ebooks for academic subject tests -I’ve been tutoring for almost two years now. My experiences tutoring and my own academic background make me more than capable of writing ebooks for academic subject tests. Additionally, this will make it significantly easier to tutor these subjects if I choose to continue doing so.
  • Affiliate marketing campaigns – I recently stumbled upon a great affiliate marketing program. It’s called One Week Marketing and it gives you everything you need to know to make money with affiliate marketing without putting in any upfront money. I’m super excited about working on a few of these affiliate marketing campaigns.
  • Ebook about taking ideas to products - My Dad is an expert in taking ideas all the way through to products. He has experience in sales, marketing, producing, etc.  We’ve talked about developing a package that will be sold online that details the process of taking an idea all the way to a physical product. My Dad has the expertise and I know how to market and sell products online.
  • Creating a fantasy sports membership site - Fantasy sports are one of my passions. I really really enjoy fantasy baseball and football. I would absolutely enjoy spending my career writing about fantasy sports. For that to happen I have to start by creating my own blog, which I hope to turn into a membership site. I’ve gathered info on how to start a membership site, but there is a good amount of start up time involved in gaining credibility so people will pay to gain access to insider information.

As far as prioritizing, I should probably start with affiliate marketing campaigns and the sports drink. Both of those are ready to start with minimal to no start up costs. They also should produce some income, even if it’s only minimal, rather quickly.

The method of the affiliate marketing makes it possible to work on them in little bits while working on other projects. After I get my first affiliate marketing campaign up and running, I will start working with my Dad to market the sports drink. In my down time, I will continue working on new affiliate marketing campaigns.

Once the sports drink project is started and on auto pilot, I will start working on the ideas to products ebook. After that is completed, I will work on my academic subject tests ebooks. I might be able to get a head start on them while the ideas to products ebook is progressing as my Dad will be developing the content.

Finally, once everything is going, I hope to have time to work on my fantasy sports membership site. I might have to keep this on the back burner until I make enough money to quit my full time job, which is becoming more and more a goal of mine. I just hate not being my own boss.

I will continue posting on this blog whenever I do some kind of interesting personal finance maneuver. I will also post about my self employed ventures and my monthly updates.

I hope this list provided an example of a way to organize and prioritize projects. It can seem overwhelming when you have a lot of projects and you don’t know where to start. Start with a list.

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2 Responses

  1. My Amazing Weight Loss Story says

    Thanks for posting, I very much enjoyed your newest post. I think you should post more frequently, you evidently have talent for blogging!

  2. Steve says

    I enjoy reading about how you are earning your living. It inspires me and helps me think about how to do the same. Those are some great ideas. My projects include an e-book, a future membership site, and affiliate marketing as well. I’ll have to check out the One Week Marketing book.