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Update On My Self Employed Income Projects

I’ve decided to do a monthly update of my self employed income projects. The monthly goals update keeps me focused on accomplishing my goals. I’m hoping that by updating my self employed projects once a month it will force me to think critically about what I have accomplished, what I want to accomplish and define task lists to follow for the upcoming month. Hopefully these posts will keep me accountable and on task, as well as be informative and motivational for my readers.

Marketing a new sports drink online

I went a few weeks without making any progress on this project, but then in the past two weeks, I have made significant progress. My Dad and I met with the supplier of the sports drink and talked about our ideas and decided which products we will be selling. We decided to form an LLC for our company. In the past week I have done a lot of research on LLCs and I’m hoping to have one registered within the next two weeks. At the same time my Dad has been in contact with the supplier working out the details about what percentage of the sale will go to us. The following is my current action plan:

  1. Register our LLC
  2. Sign up for a Business Checking Account
  3. Sign up for a PayPal merchant account
  4. Set up the online store with PayPal
  5. Finalize the website
    • Reasons To Use
    • FAQ
    • Articles (Blog)
  6. Begin marketing campaign to gain organic traffic

Writing ebooks for academic subject tests

I haven’t accomplished very much in the past month with regard to this project. I did narrow my website name down to two options. Last month’s update discussed my project scope. I will do more work on this project once the school year commences and I have completed the bulk of the work on the sport drink project. The following is my current action plan:

  1. Decide on website name between the two options
  2. Set up website
  3. Develop outlines for ebooks
  4. Begin creating content as blog posts
  5. Develop tutoring credentials page
  6. Develop contact page

Affiliate marketing campaigns

I’ve done some minimal work on my only affiliate marketing campaign. So far I’ve made four sales on this one project. The negative is that I spent a good amount of time creating it to only have made four sales. The positive is that I made four sales off of a pretty poor product. I have two products in mind that will hopefully be much more successful.

The first attempt at following the One Week Marketing approach taught me one valuable lesson. Do not take a product to completion unless you’re confident it will convert. From this lesson I have derived a new plan for my affiliate marketing campaigns. Instead of making multiple pages for one product, I will make one page for each product until I find one that converts. Once I find a product that converts I will perform a full One Week Marketing assault on that product. The following is my current action plan:

  1. Create one page for each of the two product ideas
  2. If one of them converts, create a full scale marketing assault
  3. Research more products to market
  4. Create one page for each product
  5. If any of them convert, create a full scale marketing assault
  6. Repeat steps 3-5

Ebook about taking ideas to products

This project is in a holding pattern until the sport drink is up and running. I did some keyword research and decided on a website name for the sales page. I also developed an outline based on some minimal research, as well as a slogan for the product. I am waiting for my Dad to create an outline, which probably won’t happen until the sport drink is up and running.

Create a fantasy sports membership site

I have yet to do anymore on this site. I have a domain name reserved. I don’t know if I will be able to pursue this project much further until I have time to consistently blog about baseball and football. If I’m not consistently blogging with this site I will not be successful. I am targeting the beginning of fantasy baseball 2010 as my starting point. Until then I will be trying to develop the website so that all I have to do when 2010 baseball rolls around is write articles.

I also might experiment with the whole ehow game. At the very least, I see people making $100 a month, which will cover all of my online expenses. Additionally, I might start using this monthly update as a forum for expressing my future plans for this blog as they pertain to monetization. That way you all can get inside my head (not that that’s a good thing) and see where the blog is going. Feel free to provide some input as I am definitely not an expert.

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