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Online Lenders’ Risks

Who is Your Online Lender?

Simply put, your online lender is a licensed business that invests in a loan. In other words, they give you the money when you need it to earn a profit on top of it.

Why Online Lenders Charge More

Since online lenders don't know you, they base their decision of granting you a loan based on the information you provide. And since they only conduct quick soft checking, they're taking a calculated risk. And the bigger their risk is, the higher the cost goes.

How Is Lending Money Risky?

Like any person who uses the internet, lenders can face data security risks and be affected by scammers. Their details can be copied and used for fraudulent purposes. They can be contacted by people who use somebody else's identity. Some individuals can apply for more than one loan at a time. If none of the lenders catch on to this fraud, they both risk losing their initial investment. The databases online lenders work with can be subject to cyber-attacks and thus compromise their clients' confidentiality. The highest risk, though, comes from fraudulent applications.

How Lenders Protect Themselves

First of all, using trustworthy anti-malware software is standard procedure when managing a database with personal details. They do some soft checking and access information about applicants in different databases. Professionals with experience can identify suspicious activity or financial risks at this stage. Due to the increased number of identity theft in different industries, lenders also check if an applicant is the same person they claim to be, and overview their financial activity. After that, they assess their risks and make a loan decision.

The agreement is legally-bound

The signed agreement between you should protect them if you fail to repay your loan on time. Lenders must obey state regulations and act within their rights. When you sign the loan agreement, you are legally bound to pay it back according to the terms and conditions.


Online lenders are prone to fraudulent acts and cyber-attacks. For that reason, they take measures to protect themselves from suspicious applicants.

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