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Free Money Page Premieres

A week or two ago, I finally premiered my free money page. The goal of the page is to collect all of the ways I earn free money and make it available to all of my readers. Plus, there’s a side bonus of making a little money on referrals. I want to make it clear that I use the service or own an account with each and every free money opportunity on the page. I will do my best to keep the page updated with all of the free money opportunities that I find and participate in. I want everybody else to have the same opportunity to earn some free money as I do. I want to give a quick rundown of the different opportunities that are available.

Bank Accounts

Most people are aware of the two bank account options that offer sign up bonuses. ING has a $25 sign up bonus for both the savings account and checking account. Both accounts require a $250 initial investment, but the 10% immediate return is well worth it. Contact me for a referral email.

Investing Accounts

I’ve recently posted about how to invest with Lending Club. The whole process is very simple for the social lending site. The potential for higher returns (greater than 9%) makes it well worth exploring the opportunity. Signing up through this LINK will get you a $25 sign up bonus, which is just enough to buy a note and lend a peer in need. It feels good to help people out and potentially earn some above average returns.

I recently opened a ShareBuilder account to invest in my own company. I felt as though our stock was only going to improve in the near future. After signing up, I discovered that I can refer friends in return for 5 free trades. Additionally, each referred person will get $25 as a referral bonus. If you had $25 last week, that would have provided you with about 16 shares of Citigroup. Not too shabby.

Cash Back Rewards Programs

Whenever I make an online purchase, I do so through a cash back website. Recently, I bought one of those 2009 Entertainment books for $15, and got $10 cash back. Starting with the holiday season, I’ve already received $50 cash back for making purchases that I would have made anyways. I highly recommend using these cash back sites. My favorite cash back sites include: Ebates, Cashbaq, Mr. Rebates, Big Crumbs, Fat Wallet and MSN Live Search. Ebates and Cashbaq even have sign up bonuses. Each website will provide you with a different amount of cash back for different stores. A website called evreward compiles the cash back percentages for each site and lists them for every online retailer, which is awesome for maximizing your cash back.

Free Money for Searching the Web

Whenever I want to do a google search, I do so through swagbucks. Swagbucks is a rewards based search engine that actually uses google and search engines to power their own searches. About two times a day I will earn a swagbuck or a few swagbucks for a search. After earning 45 swagbucks I exchange them for a $5 amazon gift card. This might not sound like much, but I’ve already purchased seasons 1-3 of Weeds Blu-Ray with swagbucks earnings. If you search the web anyways, why not make some free money.

Final Thoughts

So far I’ve earned about $500 since I started this blog. Who isn’t interested in $500 of free money? I will be updating the free money page every time I find a free money deal, so keep checking back.

Random Thoughts

How’d everybody do with the first two rounds of the NCAA tournament? I have 13 sweet 16 teams left. All of my great 8 teams are still on the board. If Purdue and Gonzaga topple the number 1 seeded UCONN and UNC, I will have a very strong bracket. I love March Madness.

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