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End of January 2009 Financial Status

January ended up being a great month, except for the whole stock market diving to new lows, at least for my investments. Although, I suppose it might be a blessing in disguise since I plan on pumping a large sum of money, for my 2008 retirement accounts, into the stock market in the near future. In January, the Bulls are a disaster, the Bears aren’t in the playoffs and the Braves managed to let an icon (Smoltzie) leave for the Boston Yankees, but it was one of two months where I receive three paychecks from my 9 to 5. Here are the numbers…



Last month, cash was the only asset that decreased, however, this month it was the only asset that increased. I cashed my December tutoring check and as mentioned in my intro, I received three paychecks, which only happens twice a year. My tutoring paycheck was slightly lower than usual due to winter break, but January’s paycheck will be slightly higher due to some extra hours for finals.

Stock Market

Back in December I wrote about how my stock assets increased for the first time since August, and I also wrote that I wasn’t sure that they were going to continue increasing. Well, they haven’t and January ended with my stock market assets at all time lows. I still haven’t invested any money for 2008 into my retirement accounts so the variations in my stock market assets are solely due to stock market fluctuations. I really have to get on the ball and start pumping money into the stock market while it’s at such an extreme discount.


I made my standard car payment this month and my second mortgage payment. After two mortgage payments, I’ve only added another $430.37 towards principal. I’m looking forward to the extra tax break at the end of 2009 for all of the interest I’m paying. After I fully fund my 2008 retirement funds, I will try to make extra payments towards principal to build equity more quickly.

Net Worth

After a minuscule increase in my net worth for December, I managed to increase my net worth by 3.6% in January despite the decrease in my stock market investments. For the rest of 2009, I’m hoping to increase my income through tutoring and blogging (and it wouldn’t hurt if the stock market helped out a bit) to aid my journey towards financial independence.

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