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Earn Free Money For Searching The Internet Using Swagbucks

Anytime I can earn money for doing something I would normally do, I jump all over the opportunity. I try to take advantage of CVS and Walgreens to save money, I use Ebates, BigCrumbs, Mr. Rebates and Cashbaq to earn cash back on purchases, and I search out great deals using slickdeals. Now, I’ve stumbled upon swagbucks, which rewards users for using its search engine.

How it Works

Either you go to or download a swagbucks toolbar for your browser, but you use swagbucks as your search engine rather than google (Swagbucks actually uses google and search engines to develop results). Randomly you will be rewarded with “swagbucks”. The denominations are 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5. Additionally, there are larger denominations that are super rare, but I have received a 10 spot in swagbucks before.

There are all kinds of items or gift cards that you can exchange your swagbucks for. The featured prizes are currently a $10 Barnes and Noble gift card for 115 swagbucks, an XBOX 360 Premium for 4100 swagbucks and an Apple Iphone for 3800 swagbucks. I personally find the best deal to be a $5 Amazon gift card for 45 swagbucks.

Other Ways to Earn Swagbucks

There are a few other ways to earn swagbucks. You can make purchases at online retailers through swagbucks, refer friends or trade in old cell phones and mp3 players. Personally I would rather ebay my old technology and make purchases from cash back websites, but referring friends is a great way to pile on the swagbucks. You can earn up to 100 swagbucks for each friend you refer.

Sign Up

Follow this LINK. Enter your name, email address, password, country, state, zip code and year of birth. Click “Sign Me Up!” and start searching as you normally would. You’ll even get 3 free swagbucks when you sign up.


I’ve already earned 53 swagbucks, which is more than enough for a $5 Amazon gift card. It has taken me just over a month to earn that many swagbucks, but it’s for doing something that I already do. You can earn free money from swagbucks without any drawbacks. So far I’m a huge fan.

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