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Earn Cash Back On Online Purchases With BigCrumbs

BigCrumbs is a similar type of website to ebates and Mr. Rebates. With the holiday shopping season upon us, it’s important to understand all of your cash saving options.

How Does It Work

BigCrumbs offers cash back at 374 different online stores, such as: eBay, Target, Old Navy, Gap, Circuit City and Best Buy. Earning cash back is simple. All you have to do is click on the companies’ website from BigCrumbs and shop as usual. A credit is applied to your BigCrumbs account for the purchases you make.

Special Offers

Just like with ebates and Mr. Rebates, BigCrumbs has additional offers in addition to the standard cash back. These additional offers can include discounts of up to 80% and free shipping.

CrumbSaver vs. CrumbEarner

BigCrumbs offers a unique program to earn additional income via referrals. As a CrumbSaver you make money on cash back and referrals. As a CrumbEarner you make money on cash back, referrals and the cash back from up to 5 generations of referrals. For example, I refer a friend, who refers a friend, who refers a friend. If any of the three friends make a purchase that earns $5.00 in cash back, I would also earn $5.00 in cash back. The only catch is that you earn less cash back on your own purchases if you are a CrumbEarner. So if you plan on referring a lot of people, you should be a CrumbEarner, otherwise you should be a CrumbSaver.


BigCrumbs pays you for both your cash back and revenue from referral shopping once a month with no minimum required. There is only one payment option. This option is through PayPal so the email you provide to BigCrumbs must match your PayPal email. BigCrumbs charges a processing fee of 2% with a cap of $1.00 for every payment. For tax purposes, a 1099 is sent if you receive more than $600 for a calendar year.


Sign-up is super easy and takes less than 5 minutes. The following information is necessary: membership type (CrumbEarner or CrumbSaver), name, email address (matching PayPal, address, BigCrumbs name, password and your referrer (”pfstartup” if you want to use me as a referral). A confirmation email is sent with a confirmation code. After following a link from the email and inputting the code, you are all set to start earning cash back.


BigCrumbs is a similar cash back program to ebates and Mr. Rebates, however, the CrumbEarner option with referral commissions for up to 5 generations is very unique. I would recommend BigCrumbs with the same enthusiasm as ebates and mr. rebates. Just remember that you shouldn’t buy something just because you can get cash back. Only buy something if you were going to do so anyways and at that point, you might as well earn a little cash back.

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  1. fantastic comparism…

    i will try out BigCrumbs then.. i need to read a bit more about this though..because i am not from US.

    thanks for sharing