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End Of November Financial Status

I hope everybody had a wonderful Thanksgiving vacation. I’m not too happy about having to go back to five day work weeks, but Christmas break is right around the corner. As for my end of November financial status, I have yet to make a mortgage payment so that hasn’t changed much. Also, I had to finally pay for the second half of my bedroom set. Without further ado, here’s my standard financial status summary.


As I’m sure is the case with everybody else, my cash was the only asset to increase over the past month. I’m pretty happy with the increase as I had a very substantial credit card payment this month as a result of the paying for the second half of my bedroom set. Also, I have yet to receive my November tutoring check. I’m hoping to be paid tomorrow and it has been a very busy tutoring month.

Stock Market

November was another bad month for the stock market. Once again I am fortunate to not hold a large amount of money in the stock market. I hope to be introducing a large sum in the next few months to take advantage of the discounted stock prices. I’m want to make some good money on the rebound.


My first mortgage payment is scheduled for December 15th. For this reason, my condo liability has not decreased. I made my 18th car payment to decrease my total liabilities by a very small 0.1%. I also have a few major purchases on 0% credit cards that will be paid in the next few months, however, I decided not to record them as liabilities as my laziness factor dominated correct accounting.

Net Worth

I am pleased to have once again increased my net worth in November by 1.6%. I am looking forward to reaching the $100,000 milestone in the upcoming months.

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