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Utilizing The Public Library

Despite the extra hour from daylight savings (I love falling back), I didn’t have time to calculate my end of October financial status update or look into my financial goals. Be on the look out in the next day or two for my financial status and goals updates. Part of the reason why I didn’t have time is because I went to the library and got my first library card in about ten years.

I am extremely excited about all of the benefits that my public library offers. Common sense tells you that books are free for checking out. Also, they have magazines, newspapers, free internet, DVDs and CDs. When I was younger, my library had VHS rentals for free, however, they never had any of the good/new movies. I quickly perused the collection of DVDs and was very happy with the selection of both new and old movies. I will be doing a more intensive search of the DVD section prior to making a final decision on whether or not I want to sign up for Netflix or Blockbuster Total Access. The only down side to renting DVDs is that they can only be rented for three days.

Libraries have become super convenient since my last experience. The internet has made searching for books extremely easy. I was able to search the library’s catalog prior to even going to the library. My next trip to the library will most likely be less than 5 minutes. I will already know if the book is in stock and where it’s located before even going. Also, they provide an email service that sends a reminder when a book will be due, which will surely cut down on late fees.

My library has a bunch of other random benefits. The library has speakers and seminars on a wide variety of topics. In the near future there will a speaker who was in the Pentagon during 9/11, a speaker detailing high-tech TVs and a yoga workshop.

I’m looking forward to taking advantage of my public library. Now that my move is completed and I’m settled into my condo, I will be able to do more reading. I’m hoping to increase both my personal finance reading and my pleasure reading (sometimes they’re the same), so be on the lookout for some book reviews and visit your local public library, you’re already paying for it with your tax dollars.

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