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Deals on Omaha Steak Burgers and a Sony PS3

Omaha Steaks Deal

Now that I have a mortgage to pay, I am trying to save as much money as possible while grocery shopping. For this reason I have been trying to get a better understanding of the CVS ECB and Walgreens rebates madness. At these drug stores, I’m trying to buy things that I normally buy at the grocery store with as little out of pocket money as possible. While researching the CVS deals for this week, I stumbled upon a great deal on ground steak, which is certainly something I would normally buy from the grocery store.

There is a link in the upper right hand corner of the web page that says “Register and Save With Omaha Steaks”. You provide your name, email address and zip code. Registering for Geico privileges allows Geico to “send information about products and services that may be of interest to you”. You are not required to be hold Geico insurance or sign up for anything Geico related. I imagine you can ask to be removed from any further mailings after you receive your first one. After registering for Geico privileges you will receive an email with a link to a code that will be used shortly.

Once you have your code from Geico and are registered for 12 free burgers, you are ready to begin shopping. Access the Omaha Steak webpage by one of the two options mentioned above. At this point you can add anything you want to the cart. You have 12 free four oz steak burgers coming your way and a $25 gift card from Geico to work with. I decided to buy 8 five oz steak burgers to keep my costs to a minimum.

After completing your shopping click on checkout. It should show your free steak burgers as well as whatever else you selected. Input your billing address, shipping address, credit card info (or paypal) and gift card code. My balance came out to be $1.98!!! Happy eating.

PS3 Deal

Also, I have been frugally purchasing furniture and other items for my condo. I have one DVD player and a ps2, which doubles as a DVD player, usually. I say usually because it struggles to play DVDs every now and then. I use my regular DVD player in my bedroom as I like to watch episodes of Scrubs or The Office before I go to bed. I was relying on my ps2 to be my DVD player for my family room. Due to the lack of consistency from my ps2, I began searching for other options.

I decided on a ps3 for numerous reasons. Obviously it plays ps3 games, which I don’t plan on buying, instead I will borrow them from my friends who have had ps3 systems for over a year. Also, it doubles as a Blu-ray/DVD player. I don’t own any Blu-rays, nor do I plan on buying any in the near future. I do, however, hope to use services like netflix and blockbuster total access to rent Blu-ray discs.

Sony is offering a Sony Visa Credit Card that gives you a $150 credit after your first qualifying purchase of $299 or more. A qualifying purchase is any purchase over $299 at an authorized Sony retailer (including Best Buy, Circuit City and Amazon) within the first 45 days of account opening. Also, you can qualify for 12 months of no interest on qualifying purchases of $299 or more. Qualifying purchases are the same as described for the $150 credit.

Conveniently an 80GB ps3 is $400, which qualifies you for the $150 credit and 12 months of 0% financing. The ps3 will end up costing $250 plus tax, which is a great deal for a Blu-ray and state of the art video game player. Coupling this $150 credit with my $150 for opening a National City checking account, and the ps3 will cost $100. It’s important to note that the Sony Card has no annual fee and the 45 day period to make the qualifying purchase covers black friday.


I was pretty happy to find this deal from Omaha Steaks as meat is one of the most expensive items from my grocery shopping (right up there with giant bags of mozzarella cheese). Also, I hate paying full price for video game systems, which is usually why I wait a few years to frugally buy anything related to video games. The steak burgers and ps3 will be welcome additions to my new place.

Props to Catherine Wheels for finding the Omaha deal.

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  1. BluFan says

    The PS3 is a great choice. On top of being a blu-ray player, it’s also one of the best DVD upconverters around and its media center capabilities make it a truly good value. I’ve actually been working with Warner Home Video on some blu-ray projects and know they’re gonna be putting out some great titles in the near future.

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